Cheap Shots #65: Sisters Doin’ It For Themselves.

I just can’t even fathom how fucking stupid O.J. Simpson has to be to even find himself in the situation he’s in right now — and he’s got an alleged cohort turning on him already. Maybe I’ll write something about it later, but you’d think the mofo would make it a point to lay low. Anyway…

  • The Lady Blogger round table, or some such thing. Entertaining read. [Ballhype]
  • Joey Harrington, e-mail pal of bloggers. [Pyle of List]
  • Tough weekend for the St. Louis sports fan. [Doberman on the Diamond]
  • Giant bobbleheads, Bon Jovi, and Alyssa Milano. Yep, TBS MLB playoff overkill planned. How ’bout just Alyssa, guys? [Sports Media Watch]
  • More examples of soccer fans doing insanely dumb shit when their teams lose. [You Been Blinded]
  • I don’t know why more sports don’t use the relegation system from Euro soccer leagues. Here’s how it would work for D-IA football. [Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog?]
  • Will David Stern step in if the Knicks’ sexual harassment mess gets to be too much of a black mark on the organization? [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]
  • Morton Andersen, ageless wonder. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Yeah, this is likely the general sentiment among UCLA fans after last Saturday. [Obscure Sports Quarterly]
  • While I linked to this at AA two days ago, it’s that good, and that funny. AOL Fanhouse commenters, turned into accidental poetry yet again, this time on the topic of Coach Hobo’s eager videotaping. [Ladies…]

2 Responses

  1. Well, bless your heart.

  2. What’s left of said black heart thanks you for the blessing. I honestly wish I’d come up with that idea first.

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