Sean Salisbury Is Totally Jealous Of Rob Stone.

Via Awful Announcing, we find out that, yes folks, ESPN’s Rob Stone is popular with the ladies…

This is one of those ideas that probably sounded really, really awesome in the meeting that afternoon between the writers and the talent, but comes off kinda skeezy and very questionable. Forget the Awkward Turtle; you need an Awkward Hippopotamus for this.

In other ESPN-related news, sources are informing me that both Sean Salisbury and Woody Paige are applying for transfers to cover soccer.

2 Responses

  1. Wonder if they’ll have Patrick McEnroe snuggling up to Mary Joe Fernandez and Mary Cirillo on a tennis promo. Saw the soccer one and agree it was kind of weird.

  2. From the look on her face, Julie Foudy can’t wait to to punch Rob Stone once the cameras stop rolling.

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