The Shakedown, Week 3.

As the Pac-10 begins conference play this week, we take a look at the Top 25 and evaluate where we stand at this point, aside from the obvious superhuman nature of Tim Tebow.

  1. LSU – I know I said USC would be back here earlier, but I’d like to see the Tigers handle a more serious in conference opponent before I give that back. The Gamecocks count. Besides, it’s hard to ignore a team that’s only given up 7 points this year.
  2. Oklahoma – The point differentials have been too staggering to ignore. The weakness of their out-of-conference opponents and the sole roadblock to supremacy being Texas counts against them.
  3. USC – Last week, I meant what I said and I said what I meant.  Your weakness may be your undoing, young Humanitarian.  If Callahan won’t pull his starters, neither should you.
  4. Florida – Not so fast, Gators. You don’t crack top three until you get some of that secondary together.
  5. West Virginia – Just a step behind the others.
  6. Cal – Mostly because I refuse to place Texas or Penn State here.
  7. Penn State – Be careful in the Big House, dear Staters, and if you limit your mistakes, you may just be the Conquering Fuck Lions to be the Big 10 favorite.
  8. Texas – Mack Brown must enjoy living dangerously. No higher than #8 for you until your conference schedule begins.
  9. Ohio State – Coming back down from 7-3 against an up-and-coming Washington team gets you points.
  10. Rutgers – Stack the box against Ray Rice? Fine. We’ll go deep.  My heart wants to put them higher, but not yet.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You On The Way Out:

  • Wisconsin – first you let UNLV scare you, then the Citadel runs up 31 on you.
  • UCLA – Karl Dorrell, afterthought.

On Notice:

  • LSU – I don’t believe they’ll lose; they’re too strong on both sides of the ball. But never, ever, take the OBC lightly.
  • Arkansas – Get over it quick, because here comes Kentucky….
  • Texas A&M – driven to OT by Fresno State two weeks ago, and facing a Miami defense.
  • PSU – Michigan can and will be pissed off.
  • Texas – You can’t keep this up forever. You’ll beat Rice, but how will the Longhorns find a way to make it close?

Shiny, New Red Wagon:

  • Boston College – Matt Ryan is now being bandied about as an NFL prospect with Brohm and Andre Woodson. There are no other QBs in the ACC. This conference is theirs for the taking.
  • Kentucky – Ranked #21 now, will accumulate a couple losses in the SEC schedule, but still a nice team to pull for.
  • Arizona State – Who wants to go to Tempe and face both Rudy Carpenter and Ryan Torain? Not anyone in the Pac-10 right now. Automatic trap game for the stronger opponents.

The Rust Is Starting To Show:

  • UCLA – losing a gimme to Utah and Washington’s coming to the Rose Bowl this week.
  • Tennessee – Yes, the Vols will be 2-2 after next Saturday, but this team seems to suffer from problematic defensive woes and rides on Erik Ainge’s broken finger.

Dumbass Upset Calls: Iowa over Wisconsin, Washington over UCLA, Arkansas over Kentucky (and it feels weird to even call that an upset.)


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