The Red Zone: Week 2, Late Games.

Broncos 23, Raiders 20 (OT) – I’m going to address the Shanahan last-second time-out in OT prior to Janikowski’s FG attempt in a later post. But, like last week, the Broncos never should have been in that position, period. There is enough offensive firepower on this team, and they didn’t seal the deal in the end zone consistently, and you can’t always win on the demi-god leg of Jason Elam (which is good only up to about 40 yards right now, it seems.) Jay Cutler is showing me more and more, which is good, but I don’t think the Broncos are going to Travis Henry often enough, even though he picked up more than 100 again today. There’s a reason I thought the Raiders would beat the 9.5 spread on this. I can’t make it through a season like this; I just can’t.

Cardinals 23, Seahawks 20 – Again, I hate picking games within the NFC West; it has replaced the NFC North as the worst division in the League at this point because all of the teams are of the same type of mediocrity. The Packers and Lions are playing better than three of the Western teams right now. Arizona blew a 17-0 lead and the Seahawks could not take advantage and put it away. Full credit to Neil Rackers for hitting a 54-yarder for the win — you can’t do that every day.

Bears 20, Chiefs 10 – Why does anyone ever kick to Devin Hester any more? Has no one gotten the memo at all? The Chiefs were their usual inefficient, although not inefficient enough to allow me to pick up another pick. I blame Grossman, like half of Chicago seems to at times.

Cowboys 37, Dolphins 20 – More great offense from the Boys, but 20 points to a Trent Green-led Miami team is still too many to give up.

Lions 20, Vikings 17 (OT) – The Lions as a 2-0 team is not something I’m prepared to deal with mentally.

Ravens 20, Jets 13 – Kyle Boller tops Kellen Clemens, very few outside of their respective fanbases care.

Patriots 38, Chargers 14 – I told you people. This is the NORV! Effect. Never mind that the Pats are clearly a more stacked team this year; the signs were there all through this game — going away from Tomlinson too often and letting Rivers air it out, and a defense that forgot how to tackle and cover properly. They weren’t going to cover the spread or come within a touchdown, but they should have at least made it respectable. Think about this: if not for Rex Grossman’s incompetence last week, the Chargers would be 0-2.

Photo: AP/Jack Dempsey


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