The Red Zone: Week 2, Early Games.

Browns 51, Bengals 45 – The Bengals defense is so awful it makes even the Cleveland O look good. Derek Anderson threw as many TD passes as Carson Palmer (six) and Jamal Lewis had over 200 yards rushing.

Texans 34, Panthers 21 – Matt Schaub is becoming more and more legit with this Texans team right now, with 2 TD passes and no picks.

Steelers 26, Bills 3 – Yeah, I don’t J.P. Losman is showing up this year, Buffalo.

49ers 17, Rams 16 – God, this division is such a crap shoot (noted by the Cardinals beating the Seahawks right now.) The Niners are currently atop the NFC West right now.

Packers 35, Giants 13 – It doesn’t matter if Eli starts or not; the Giant secondary sucks so much that Brett Favre and a bunch of junior receivers (save Donald Driver) can run up the score on them.

Jaguars 13, Falcons 7 – There’s no real excuse for the Jags not being able to cover the 9.5 spread here other than this offense is ridiculously inconsistent. Del Rio will pay for this with his job when they just miss a playoff spot.

Colts 22, Titans 20 – I’ve got to stop picking against the Titans covering, because Vince Young will just make wins (or close games) come with his feet, or the threat of them.

Bucs 31, Saints 14 – Um, yeah…that Saints secondary is actually worse than last year, and the offense isn’t helping them keep up. Did Joe Horn’s presence mean that much to the team?

Photo: AP/Tony Dejak


2 Responses

  1. S2N, i really don’t care for your picture. i have Jamaal on my fantasy squad but didn’t start him!!!!

  2. MODI, who could have blamed you after last week? However, there are two defenses you always start people against, no matter what: Cincy is one and New Orleans is the other.

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