Please Don’t Act Shocked That Shanahan Did That.

I’ll get it out of the way now and say that Mike Shanahan’s calling a time out in overtime just as Sebastian Janikowski was about to kick the game-winning field goal (and it went right through) was absolute douchebaggery, a bush league move. It’s why he’s Coach Rat Fink to me about half the time.

But as far as gamesmanship goes, it was fucking genius, and since Shanahan is my team’s head douchebag, I have to go with it. Not only is Janikowski kicking from 50+, he’s always had an inconsistent streak a mile wide since his FSU days, and it was a smart move to pull that on him and get him out of his zone. I’m not even sure Shanny even pulls that out of his hat if it’s not the Raiders in the first place.

Let’s remember that Shanahan’s first head coaching opportunity after years as a Broncos assistant under Dan Reeves was with Al Davis’ Los Angeles Raiders at the age of 35 (oddly, making him the youngest coach in the League at the time). He went 8-12 in two seasons and was fired for Raider lifer Art Shell after the 1989 season. Shanahan still believes the Cryptkeeper screwed him over not only professionally, but there were also arguments over money. From the San Jose Mercury News’ John Ryan, who blogs over at Morning Buzz:

Mike Shanahan loves to tweak Al, as we all know. (My personal favorite was when he suggested the Raiders donate the money they owe him to the Oakland schools, pretty hilarious considering the Raiders weren’t acknowledging owing him a dime.)

And later, after the gamesmanship:

–Mike Shanahan is a devious little rat. But the Raiders should have seen that timeout coming. After all the talk during the past week about how closely the sidelines watch each other, if the Raiders didn’t see the entire defense standing near that ref, that’s their own fault. And obviously they didn’t, since Coach Lane was well into his celebration.

So, when it comes to playing the Raiders, he will run up the score if he can and he will pull every questionable-but-legal trick in his book if he’s got it. And Broncos fans love him for it, because there’s no one we like losing to less. Kansas City is high up there, but the dislike between the Broncos and the Raiders as organizations is so much nastier.

In short, I’m not surprised Shanahan pulled that move on Lane Kiffin and Sebastian Janikowski. I would have been shocked if he hadn’t.

Photo: AP/Jack Dempsey


19 Responses

  1. It was a bush-league move by a coach clinging to the possibility of winning more than 5 games this year. I’m not a fan or a hater of either team, but that was lame. In fact, they should consider a rule in which NFL refs can ignore a TO request if it is made too late, just like MLB umpires can deny a batter’s BS attempt to screw with a pitcher’s rythym. Denver has eked out 2 crappy wins against 2 very crappy teams. Good luck this year ratface.

  2. MDK – they’ll win more than five games. Watching SD last night proved to me that Norv Turner is not the man to be coaching a team with talent. Denver will win the division by default.

    Bankmeister – dishonorable, deceitful, disgusting, yes to all of those. Cheating? No, but it only adds to the fodder for Rat Fink not being well liked.

  3. To quote the English guy that Homer pulls from the sugar pile: “Hmmm, yes I did it. And I’d do it again.”

  4. Shanny can go 2-14 every year as long as he beats the Raiders twice. It’s certainly not the first time anyone has pulled the last-second timeout routine — it happens all the time, just usually not on a game-ending kick. If it gets his team into the playoffs, good for him. It should help the Raiders get the top pick again, so I guess everyone wins, really.

  5. The 2nd FG was probably the most impressive miss I’ve ever seen. To hit the very top of the upright from 49 yards! Seabass has quite the leg, who knew date-rapers could kick like that?

  6. What happens if it was reversed? First kick no good, 2nd good? People would be calling him an idiot for calling the TO. 16 games in the NFL, everyone important, gotta use any adv you can.

  7. Quite frankly, that was awesome.

  8. I have to agree with Tom, that might have been the greatest missed field goal I’ve ever seen. It looked like, if accurate, Janikowski could have made it from 70 yards!

    Having said that, I didn’t like seeing Shanahan use that strategy in the slightest, but it’s legal and it won him the ball game, so more power to him.

  9. That seemed perfectly legit to me. Don’t all coaches call timeouts to ice the kicker at the end of the game?

  10. LB – yes. But not many of those coaches would wait until right before the ball is snapped.

    Mike & Tom – Janikowski could own the record for FG yardage if he was anything resembling consistent. It’s missed potential.

  11. So angry. The worst part about it how all Bronco fans and the Denver media are so damn smug about it. December 2nd can’t get here soon enough.

  12. Punch – I promise I’m not gonna be smug about it. It’s not the way I like to win. I was prepared to deal with the Raiders winning.

  13. I think that we can all agree icing the kicker is commonplace, and as the announcers mentioned, it is a common tactic held by everyone to wait until the last possible opportunity to call that time-out because it increases the psychological effect. If Janikowski had made the second kick, we wouldn’t be talking about it like this… I don’t think. And it makes it even worse that Jani didn’t get the time out call before he kicked the first time.

  14. Get over it the guys the best. The raiders should have lost be way more and got lucky that Jay Cutler through that pick.

    Mike Shanahan just wants his money.

  15. Oh yeah the Broncos are going to win at least 10 this year.

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