Broadcast Networks Carrying NFL Rights Are An Automatic Spin Zone.

If you were looking for any sort of adequate answers that passed the smell test from either Lord Rog or Patriots owner Robert Kraft regarding Candid Camera, you were sorely disappointed, and probably expected to be.  Rog of Iron Fist is not going to do interviews where he doesn’t know the parameters of the questions; that’s just good, basic PR management on behalf of him and the league. But to have Bob Costas foisting it as a legit Q&A over the whole matter is semi-insulting.  Goodell should have been subjected to Cris Colinsworth, who hammered home the point that if the infraction and violations were that serious, then Coach Hobo should have been made to sit at home for a couple of games. We all know he would have been phoning in the operations, but it still would have said something, especially when Lord Rog is more than willing to throw the book at individuals in off-the-field incidents.

The truly lamentable act of spinning came from Kraft, though, because it is increasingly credulous to believe that he had no knowledge, since it was on the football operations side (which Belichick rules with an iron fist). If you are dealing with a department basically run by Belichick and GM Scott Pioli, it likely behooves you to at least have some knowledge of what goes on in the organization — it’s called protecting your investment.  For him to claim he knew nothing to Al Michaels was a fairly brazen thing to do, and it was just hilarious when he couldn’t pronounce Belichick’s name properly, trying to spit out his own spin with a straight face.

While I was doing the live-blog of Bolts-Pats at Awful Announcing, an anonymous commenter left this:

Speaking of “league-approved,” did you enjoy Goodell’s “interview?”

Answering questions on a program that he has ultimate control over. That’s not journalism. That’s public relations and damage control disguised as journalism.

I’d like to see a real journalist grill his ass on a real program. Or get Bob Costas to interview on a non-NFL-approved program.

Never happen, not only for the aforementioned reasons, but because every major network has a hand in the NFL pie somehow, and while I still like to think news divisions are somewhat beyond this stuff, it’s probably not true. NBC, CBS, and Fox hold broadcast rights, while ESPN has the Monday night cable rights, and they handle all of ABC Sports content now.  There’s no reason to challenge the decisions made by the commissioner’s office or by the owners of the league in any way; there’s no reason for them to lose money in this manner.  It’s the same thing you see in news and political coverage: if there is no money to be made, and even worse, if there is money to be lost, by serious investigative work and questioning, it will not be done.


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