Cheap Shots #64: Ask A Field Reporter.

  • OMDQ interviews NESN’s Tina Cervasio. How do the Massholes deal with their field reporter being a New York Giants fan? [One More Dying Quail]
  • Sign Byron Leftwich, Atlanta! Someone should. Atlanta, Baltimore, someone. [Nation of Islam Sportsblog]
  • So, where’s your zero tolerance attitude now, Lord Rog? [Leave the Man Alone]
  • The taping mess is distracting media attention from the Jets’ idiocy in not paying Pete Kendall. [The Feed]
  • The taping mess is distracting everyone from a more important story: MLB’s mess with Signature Pharmacy and the double standards regarding the coverage. [The Starting Five]
  • They call it the Trainwreck Bowl, I went with Toilet Bowl, you may call it Schadenfreude Bowl and we’ll all be rooting for the meteor to hit: a preview of Notre Dame-Michigan. [Rumors and Rants]
  • The problems with pro baseball in Florida. Bad stadiums and lousy ownership is s given; how about noting that spring training is there, or that transplants bring their own team preferences? [Crashburn Alley]
  • Ric Flair: from pro wrestling to the financial arena. [The Commission]
  • Wade Boggs will have his title. [And Here Come The Pretzels!]
  • O.J. Simpson, making police blotters yet again. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]
  • Larry Johnson, aspiring rap star. [100% Injury Rate]
  • Your Euro Cup recap, via Youtube. [The Beautiful Game]

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