A Fool and His Money, Week 2.

I hate starting 7-9. I blame Leinart’s worn-out ass for forgetting how to throw downfield and the Baltimore offense did the impossible: make the Bengals look like defensive stalwarts. Anyway, here we go again. Home teams in bold:

Texans (+6.5) over Panthers – I hate picking Carolina games, and while they certainly acquitted themselves well last week, I think Houston will actually make it close.

Bengals (-6.5) over Browns – A more interesting bet is whether we see Brady Quinn play QB before or after halftime.

Jaguars (-10.5) over Falcons – Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, laying wood on Joey Harrington’s ass all day. (Ew. That came out dirtier than intended.)

Packers (-3.5) over Giants – The Giants defense does not inspire confidence. Brett Favre will be getting his proto-Sex Cannon act on.

Steelers (-9.5) over Bills – J.P. Losman looks like he learned nothing last off season. Closer than Steelers vs. Browns last week, but not enough to pick Buffalo.

Rams (-3.5) over 49ers – Only because the Rams are at home again. I hate both offensive lines now, but St. Louis has more offensive weapons.

Saints (-3.5) over Buccaneers – This is the NFL equivalent of the cupcake game in college football, and Drew Brees would probably like to run up the score after getting shamed by the Colts.

Colts (-7.5) over Titans – Yes, I know Tennessee plays Indy close, but I don’t think this will be one of those times. Ten-point margin.

Seahawks (-2.5) over Cardinals – Still won’t pick Arizona until they actually do something.

Lions (-3.5) over Vikings – Passing game vs. running game; no defense vs. ballhawking defense. I’ll take the home team.

Cowboys (-3.5) over Dolphins – Dallas’ shaky D will make the Miami offensive attack look respectable; Miami’s good D will prevent another 5 TD game from Romo. I say a touchdown difference for Dallas.

Jets (+7.5) over Ravens – Completely hunching on this one. If the Ravens can look shameful and give up six turnovers on the road at Cincy, who’s to say what the Jets can force them to do? Plus, I suspect Kellen Clemens is starting, which means the team could throw it.

Bears (-12.5) over Chiefs – KC is so lousy that this looks like a trap game, and if it were at Arrowhead, I’d be tripping over myself to take the Chiefs. Since it is in Chicago, I’ll take the Bears.

Raiders (+9.5) over Broncos – I don’t like betting against my own team, but there are throws that Jay Cutler makes that worry me, especially with an Oakland defense that isn’t a slouch. Low-scoring affair.

Patriots (-3.5) over Chargers – Home game rule, plus the Pats have weapons at WR that the Chargers don’t — yet.

Redskins (+6.5) over Eagles – I suspect everyone in Philly is concerned after last week’s special teams fuck-ups. That may not happen at home, but I think Jason Campbell will wisen up and they’ll make it close.


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  1. Wow, I think other than the Giants game, I’m with you on this picks.

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