Starbury On The Stand.

I’m not sure why the Four-Letter has not jumped all over Anucha Browne Sanders’ sexual harassment lawsuit against the Knicks yet, because this is already turning into a spectacle that could be well beyond what we saw with Michael Vick. (Wait, considering the overkill and occasionally manufactured outrage we saw with Vick at times, maybe we’re better off keeping ESPN’s attention diverted by the public spat between Coach Hobo, his disciple Mangini, and Lord Rog.) That said, the New York press is all over it, like usual, and with Stephon Marbury on the stand, it only gets better, or worse.

Browne Sanders accused Marbury of having sex with a Knicks intern in his limo, and it reads as if Stephon has basically copped to it:

Marbury did not explicitly say they had sex while parked outside a Manhattan strip joint, as fired Knicks exec Anucha Browne Sanders has claimed in her suit.

“We got together right across the street,” the fidgety point guard testified during his half-hour on the stand in Manhattan Federal Court. Marbury made the admission after Browne Sanders, who claims the Knicks fired her in January 2006 when she threatened a suit, broke down while testifying for the first time in the bruising sex harassment trial.

Let me be clear: I like Stephon Marbury — straight shooters are a rare commodity in pro sports as of late, and the shoe deal he does is a step in the right direction, never mind his community work. This is not something he wants out in the open, and if he was actually fidgeting (take whatever adjectives reporters put in at face value, folks), then color me less than shocked.

And we thought the Lakers might be a dysfunctional organization. No matter what kind of ish Kobe, Phil, and the Buss family stir up in L.A., it doesn’t compare to what’s coming out of the MSG these days. Am I shocked at the proposition that an intern might acquiesce when put in an uncomfortable situation, with a lack of power? No, it happens in non-pro sports environments all the damn time. What we may be witnessing is the bottoming out of an organization — and many thought the Knickerbockers’ worst days were through after the lackluster performances on the court for the past few seasons.

The longer MSG fights this, the worse it will get from a PR standpoint.  I’m more than willing to cop to haterade on the part of the Daily News (when it comes to NY news sources, that must be taken into account), but the longer this goes on, the more it will infect the team’s season — and right now, that’s the last thing Knicks fans want to see.


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  1. The best part about all this? Imagining Isaiah saying everything he’s been quoted as saying in that Chicago-ghetto-born-and-bred effeminate voice of his.

  2. […] part of the $10 million Isiah Thomas/ Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harrasment trial, Stephon Marbury has testified under oath that he beat off an intern in his truck outside of a […]

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