Cal Still Stuck With Bunch Of Tree Hugging Hippie Crap.

It’s a requisite follow up, considering the hubbub that this has caused over usually placid Berkeley (god, I can’t believe I kept a straight face typing that; I blame the White Russians.) Anyway, the devoted environmentalists living in the trees near Memorial Stadium will be able to stay in the trees for now, as a judge has rejected Cal’s request to allow the administration to evict them from the decades old oak trees, which stand in the way of the plans for a new athletic center. (If you are new to this tale stolen straight out of PCU, then this NYT piece provides a handy catch-up for you, including some meandering analysis of the Berkeley background of social protest that gets many inspired and leaves others tired.)

Ultimately, the judge decided that the dwellers pose no immediate harm or threat to anyone around, and decided not to evict them — I suspect the visiting hordes coming to Cal for football games pose more of a threat, and if they could survive the Vol faithful without serious incident (and extra ribbing from everyone’s favorite drunk, Brent Musberger), then they’re perfectly capable of surviving a Pac-10 visitor schedule. The only threat to their peaceful existence would be the visiting hordes of fellow Southern Cal supporters in a couple of months.

Photo: Nader Khouri/Contra Costa Times


3 Responses

  1. I think most sensible people oppose the notion of clear-cutting, but on a University campus, space is at a premium. Trees don’t stand a chance. I think the three-trees for one deal is a pretty good compromise, but what do I know? I’m from Kansas, where we have to plant 100 new trees to block the wind that pounds our farmsteads.

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  3. Clearly there is only one solution here:

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