If You’re Not Cheating, You’re Not Trying.

An oft-used parable to note the effort usually put into professional sport, as well as many other arenas, and it’s time to wonder just what’s going on with this whole stealing signs bit that the Patriots are accused of after a cameraman was found at the game at the Meadowlands on Sunday.

NFL coaches and players (like a couple quoted in this Dan Wetzel column at Yahoo!) say it’s not as uncommon as one would think; this is why coordinators keep their hands over their mouths (like catchers and pitchers in baseball). However, why are we only talking about the loss of draft picks as a potential punishment? They’re talking about draft picks only in several Four-Letter columns, including John Clayton’s. We don’t even know if it could be a guaranteed 1st round draft pick at this time (and I presume it will be dependent upon the Patriots’ defense, and how convincing it is.)

Shouldn’t more commentators be bantering about the possibility of suspensions for Coach Hobo and staff members at the very least, maybe even debating whether the game is forfeited to the Jets?  This is considered a serious offense, right? The Patriots had vastly superior talent to the Jets on Sunday, and I don’t think it would have been close if the team hadn’t put the cameraman out there. So, let’s see if Belichick and Co. have an explanation that fits — and if they don’t, give the Hobo the same treatment as a player who would be accused of cheating, say, a 2-4 game suspension?

At least we know LaDainian Tomlinson might have been on to something when he went off against the Pats after losing in the playoffs.  The Patriot jingo doesn’t quite wash now, even a couple of days later.

Your move, Lord Rog.

Photo: AP/Mel Evans


7 Responses

  1. Lying on injury reports and stealing signs. The keys to a dynasty.

  2. Baaaaaaha. Coach Hobo. I like it.

  3. Don’t forget forcing players with concussions back out on the field… That’s a big key too

  4. Say-OW! Haha!

  5. I must state I have equal parts admiration and disgust for Belichick. He’s good at what he does, but he’s also got his foibles.

    I’ve vacillated between “Coach Hobo” and “Hobogenius” as names for him.

    Honestly, he probably did nothing worse than any other coach in the League. But if Goodell wants to be consistent, Belichick will get hit in the draft or in game coached. This is the trap Lord Rog has set for himself by being Dictator-For-Life.

  6. Everyone does this and for teams that have cheated before like the Rams to whine about this is laughable.

  7. PS.- Thomlison had his bags packed before that game. They lost because they thought they were better then they were but why include facts for all when you can blame everyone else for your teams ego.

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