Cheap Shots #63: Seven Times Better Than The Toyota Tundra Tapout Package.

  • A GMC dealership offers a Big Ben model Sierra pick-up truck. [Mondesi’s House]
  • The hate-fest between Gator and Vols fans is ON. I’m cheering on the meteor. [EDSBS]
  • Vote for the best white corner in the NFL this week! [Nation of Islam Sportsblog]
  • Harold Reynolds says race had something to do with his firing. He forgets sending pictures of genitalia via cell phone isn’t as bad as actually touching someone. [Awful Announcing]
  • Ugly, ugly injury report this week in the League. [Rumors and Rants]
  • Who’s the greatest QB in Iggles history? [You Been Blinded]
  • Jenn Sterger is now searching for new employment after being dumped by SI (a day late and a dollar short, but at least it’s the right decision.) [Sports by Brooks]
  • Attempting to chronicle just what happened to Craig Hodges. [Stop Mike Lupica]
  • Everybody hates Cedric Benson. [Foul Balls]
  • Mike Ditka, checking if the Levitra is working in the booth. [With Leather]

One Response

  1. Eh, Jones had a crappy day against New England on Sunday too. For that matter, how many yards did Fantasy Jesus rush for vs. the Bears? Sans the late rushing TD (a free gift thanks to that rock-stupid facemask play on 3rd down) and the HB option to Gates, LaDanian didn’t play all that well either.

    Bottom line is, it matters what defense you’re facing. A lot. Ced won’t be facing anything like the Chargers’ front four anytime soon, so I predict he’ll be fine. We Chicago fans are too prone to depression in the face of minor NFL setbacks — I think it must be the climate. ;)

    — Ajax.

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