The Thought Process Of Watching Something Awful On TV.

Within five minutes of watching this actually happen in yesterday’s game:

  1. “How long has he been down for? Hope he’s OK.”
  2. “Crap, he’s not getting up.”
  3. “Geez, it looked like Hixon got the bad end of that, not him.”
  4. “Not even a thumbs up yet.”
  5. “If you ever need an argument for guaranteed NFL contracts, there you go.”

Kevin Everett’s been sedated for a day or two, and at this rate, I just hope the man is able to walk again.

Photo: AP/Don Heupel


3 Responses

  1. I was pulling hard for a thumbs-up myself. Wish I would have seen one.

  2. Things aren’t looking so good here

    He could be paralyzed

    These ones scare the living hell out of me. As someone who has walked through the halls of Craig Hospital multiple times, it’s just sick to see people in this terrible condition. It makes me sick.

    Here’s hoping the best to this young man

  3. People have come out of spinal injuries.

    All the best Kevin.

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