The Shakedown, Week 2.

We have this week’s Top 25, and as such, it’s time for the latest edition of the personal Top 10, along with early evaluation of next Saturday’s schedule. Feel free to debate my placement in the comments, and argue for your own teams. I’m just happy to see Dennis Dixon and Oregon make it four Pac-10 teams in the Top 25 this week.

  1. LSU – Now, there’s an offense to go with that disgustingly amazing defense. God, this team scares me shitless.
  2. USC – Holding pattern. Better beat the Huskers convincingly to keep #2, boys. This is me being very, VERY generous. Fail to run up the score and Oklahoma will take your spot.
  3. Oklahoma – They’ve outscored opponents by a margin of 130-23 in the first two weeks. Pencil them in for your Big 12 champ now.
  4. Florida – yes, they played another gimme this week, but they beat them by a big enough margin to be this high. Now show me you mean it when Phil Fulmer and his boys come to the Swamp.
  5. West Virginia – a team being bandied about for the national championship should not have to come back against its in-state rival like that. They will lose to Louisville (whose defense got them punted out of the 10 this week) or Rutgers because of this, no matter how awesome Slaton, White, and Noel Devine are.
  6. Cal – yes, they let Colorado State back in late, but I look at it this way; they did not have to come back from offensive sputtering the way both Texas and Wisconsin had to.
  7. Texas – Good to see you, Colt McCoy. Thanks for showing up.
  8. Wisconsin – By virtue of the legs of Troy Donovan, you are still undefeated. Be very wary with how you handle yourself in the coming weeks, good Badgers.
  9. Penn State – Yes, they have played patsies so far, and yes, Morelli and crew have made some lamentable errors that could screw them over later on. However, watching the way Ohio State floundered offensively against Akron early bumps the Nittany Lions up.
  10. UCLA – Broke BYU’s winning streak, although not in the convincing fashion one would like. It’s either them or Louisville, and the Cardinals’ defensive performance against Middle Tennessee State was, as mentioned previously, awful.


  • L’Ville – Would it kill you to get a pass rush going?
  • Georgia – Click clack, bitches! The OBC feasts on your tears.


  • Wisky – Get your shit together NOW. The Big 10 should be yours. Prepare to make Citadel your slave.
  • PSU – Same to you. Valid shot at the conference and the Rose Bowl this year. Don’t fuck it up. Another cupcake awaits.
  • UCLA – You’re only in the top 10 because I will not have 3 Big 10 teams in my 10, and Louisville faltered. It’s time to win on the road again.
  • OSU – Beat Washington in a convincing manner and you will crack the top 10. Spending all that time against Akron at 3-2 was not endearing.


  • Oregon – they’ll cough one up in conference because Pac-10 defenses know how to play the spread (and so might Fresno State, a trap game if I ever saw it, given Saturday’s OT match against Texas A&M). For now, Dennis Dixon is measty. Quack!
  • Washington – Ty Willingham has his recruits, his system, and despite the quality of opponents, it’s scary to see the development of Jake Locker right now. USC, Cal, UCLA, and Oregon have to go to Seattle this year, I believe, and one of those four will lose there. Not expecting them to beat OSU this week. Make it respectable, and it’ll look good for Pac-10 play.
  • Clemson – in an ACC division with spotty QB play, this is not a bad team to run with (obviously BC is the team to beat right now in that conference) with both C.J. Spiller and James Davis, and Cullen Harper could show flashes of brilliance.
  • South Florida – if you would like any more proof of the growing status of the Big East, it’s that its middling pack can beat SEC middlers.


  • Tennessee – Sorry, Vols fans. I don’t see Erik Ainge and Co. heading into the Swamp and knocking off the Gators this week. Sadly, the Citrus Bowl is no longer with us, or I would go all OBC on you.
  • Georgia Tech – Jeff Jagodzinski and Matt Ryan will feast this week, and lackluster QB play from the Ramblin’ Wreck does not help.
  • Alabama – it’s been nice to see you 2-0, Tide, but now you face Humanity Advanced and the soap opera that is Boss Hawg and the Razorbacks. I think you’ll make it close, though, if that means anything to you.
  • Florida State – Bobby Bowden is lucky that Lloyd Carr and Charlie Weis have taken most of the media focus for excess suck, and even then, the cognoscenti are already questioning his ability to recruit, as bringing in star coordinators like Jimbo Fisher hasn’t stopped the bleeding or made Drew Weatherford look competent behind center. In-state talent is heading to Gainesville and likely headed back to Coral Gables as Randy Shannon continues to shape the U in his hard-assed image (and if you haven’t read Gary Smith’s article on Shannon in SI, do yourself a favor and read it now.)


EVEN STUPIDER UPSET CALL: Colorado over Florida State.

THE TOILET BOWL: Michigan gets off the snide against Notre Dame, if only because its running game (read: Mike Hart) still functions, and nothing in South Bend does right now.

DARE THEY BRING THAT INTO THE O.B. YET AGAIN?: Miami, licking its wounds from the Sooners, will take their revenge on Florida International, and Ned will have to suffer.


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