Red Zone: Elam is GOD.

Broncos 15, Bills 14 – I went from “FUCK YOU ELAM” to “THANK YOU, JASON!” in five minutes flat. The Broncos kicker had missed two FGs already in the game before QB Jay Cutler led the team through two 4th down plays with no timeouts on the last drive, and the FG team got on, snapped the ball, and kicked it through with 15 seconds on the clock. I literally tensed up and rolled over screaming when it went through — I think I scared the neighbors. (I think I only got this game on TV because Marshawn Lynch is a Cal product and also from Oakland.)

Packers 16, Eagles 13 – Green Bay also sucks out with a last second FG from rookie kicker Mason Crosby. Iggle punt returner J.R. Reed fumbles one and lets the Pack get back in. He’ll be getting the battery treatment next week.

Redskins 13, Dolphins 10 – The third FG suckout of the day, this one in OT. Jason Campbell only completed 12 passes, but got them when he needed them.

Patriots 38, Jets 14 – If you own Randy Moss and/or Wes Welker in your fantasy leagues, you had a damn good day today. Moss had 183 yds receiving and a six, Welker caught a six of his own, and Ellis Hobbs made an incredible 108-yd kick return for a score.

Texans 20, Chiefs 3 – Suck it, Herm.

Steelers 34, Browns 7 – Charlie Frye had the starting QB job for less than a half. We’re moving up the Brady Quinn era starting to Week 4 at this rate.

Vikings 24, Falcons 3 – It’s only Atlanta, but still, signs of encouragement for Minnesota, especially regarding one Purple Jesus, known on his birth certificate as Adrian Peterson. A 60-yd touchdown reception and 103 yards rushing for the OU rookie.

Titans 13, Jaguars 10 – Chris Brown is replacing Travis Henry well if he’s getting 175 yards on the ground. It wasn’t David Garrard’s fault, he threw for 200+ and scored a touch himself — Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for less than 60 yds on the ground.

Panthers 27, Rams 13 – Those of you who selected Steven Jackson in your drafts are not happy — he fumbled and lost it twice, as the Carolina offense came out to play, with the big one being Delhomme to Steve Smith for 68 yards.

(Useful Device, the Internets: If you’d like to watch games that you don’t get, go here and follow the instructions. It’s how I’m watching Chicago/San Diego right now.)


5 Responses

  1. So this watching games online thing is legit? Anything to keep me out of going to sports bars for Bronco games is a plus.

    And I swear I’ve seen a lot of things in my day, but that game today was awwwwwwwesome.

  2. Legit, as in “does it work?” Yes. Legit, as in legal? Probably not.

  3. As a Vikings fan myself, you hit things right on the nail… very encouraging day for the Vikings, especially the greatness that is AD (All Day)

  4. Didn’t know you were in the bay area, the absolute worst place for games on TV, but luckily we get the Broncos at least 2 weeks in a row.

    Never doubt Elam, sure he had a bad day, and doesn’t have the leg he used to. But I’ll take him on a bad day over half the kickers in the NFL. Long Live Elam

  5. Jibbles – I’m on the Central Coast; we get saddled with “secondary viewership” of Bay Area games.

    twins – Purple Jesus will be fighting Marshawn Lynch for offensive ROY. Book it.

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