Cheap Shots #62: The Juice Is Dead. Long Live The Juice.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Yours truly will be live-blogging Sunday Night Football throughout the season (hopefully all 17 games) over at Awful Announcing. Join me this Sunday as I chronicle the clusterfuck of having nine analysts where four would do fine and since it is the Giants vs. the Cowboys, the numerous instances of Manning Face on Eli.

  • Marco says goodbye to JCMJ as he works on the debut of a new blog. [Just Call Me Juice]
  • Nine-layer Ranchero Dip. Mmmm….bacon. [Ladies…]
  • UFC 75 previewing — since this one’s free, odds are I may watch. [Rumors and Rants]
  • How ESPN will exploit the VA Tech-LSU matchup. [Strike Zones and End Zones]
  • Too bad the Fulmer Cup scoring is over, because the U of New Hampshire just got a doozy. [Seacoastonline]
  • Speaking of the Fulmer Cup, Zach interviews EDSBS’ Orson Swindle. [The Big Picture]
  • Putting a positive spin on the White Sox. [Life in the Cell]
  • Looking at the vagarities of the NHL’s draft age rules. (This reminds me that it’s also time to brush up on the puck season and also decide if I really want to subject myself to fantasy hockey again.) [Jibblescribbits]
  • App State will be eligible for the AP Top 25 poll next week. [Sports by Brooks]
  • If Tavaris Jackson is shaky as the Vikes’ starter, look at his opposing QBs. [Pacifist Viking]

6 Responses

  1. I would note, to refresh the memory of Pacifist Viking, that Rex Grossman’s second-worst recorded effort as a passer came vs. the Vikings — a 1.3 rating with 3 picks.

    Trouble is, the Bears won that game, 23-13. And boring, reliable, unflappable Brad Johnson threw four picks, while Tarvaris Jackson coughed up a fumble late in the game.

    So I wouldn’t be so eager to face shaky Rex Grossman with a house in Shaker Heights where he drinks vanilla shakes all day long again if I were you. Or at least I’d be mindful of the fact that he gets to bring the rest of his team along with him. ;)

    — Ajax.

  2. And I would refresh Ajax’s memory that the words “reliable” and “unflappable” can’t be used to describe 2006 Brad Johnson. The word I’d use is “awful.” “Boring” is right, though.

    In that 23-13 victory, the Bears got 15 non-offensive points (a safety, a defensive TD, a special teams TD, and I believe Cedric Benson’s TD run was set up with short field position after a Viking turnover). And in the first Bear-Viking game, the Vikings simply needed to run out the clock to win the game, but infuriatingly Chester Taylor fumbled with a few minutes left giving Chicago a chance to win. Obviously Chicago earned those victories; I’m not taking anything away from that. But the Vikes and Bears were closer to each other in those games than their final records would indicate. Part of that is because of shaky QB play.

    My only contention is that while the Vikings are dismissed because they have a questionable QB situation, they also get to take a run-stopping, turnover-forcing defense up against a lot of other questionable QBs this season. On a game-by-game basis, they’ll have the chance to compete.

  3. I hope I am not alone in dreaming of Marco’s new blog as a WordPress entity. AA has his .com, so he’s in good shape, but OMDQ and Marco still hide behind the firewall at my office. And I won’t be happy until my reading of Channel 4 news team blogs is completely free and uninhibited.

  4. Background: my office firewall blocks blogspot addresses.

  5. Thanks for the link

  6. I just can’t wait to see the reaction on AA when NORV! returns. It’s gonna be a sight to behold.

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