And It Doesn’t End With Ankiel Today, Oh No.

Rick Ankiel is the name of the moment, but if you were one of those clamoring for bigger names coming out of the steroid/HGH muck that was being raked through, then you may have one: four-time All-Star and World Series MVP Troy Glaus, now with the Toronto Blue Jays, is now accused of receiving steroid shipments from the same pharmacy that Ankiel’s allegedly received them from, according to SI.

Glaus, then with the Angels, missed much of the 2003 season with a tear in his right rotator cuff and frayed labrum and underwent season-ending shoulder surgery after attempting a comeback in 2004.

The prescriptions, written in Glaus’ name, were obtained through New Hope Health Center, a California-based anti-aging clinic that advertises the sale of anabolic steroids and human growth hormones on its Web site. The prescription was sent through Signature, the Orlando-based compound pharmacy. The prescribing physician was Ramon Scruggs, M.D. According to the Medical Board of California, Scruggs is currently on probation and is prohibited from prescribing drugs over the internet. He also was reportedly involved in a lawsuit with Mobile-based Applied Pharmacy, which, ironically, was the subject of a previous multi-agency raid. (Contacted through New Hope and given the chance to comment on Friday, Scruggs responded with expletives and ended the conversation abruptly.)

The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper right now. Watch the coverage of this over the weekend, as it has a chance to set in. Will Glaus and Ankiel get the treatment that Barry Bonds has, or for that matter, Gary Matthews Jr. got when their names were linked to performance enhancers?

Let’s hammer this in again: eventually, sports fans are going to have to acknowledge that from amphetamines to steroids to HGH, this is the price athletes pay in order to stay competitive through an exceptionally long and punishing season. Purity in sport is a nice ideal, but when you’re trying to make it up from the minors or continue to pull a major league salary when you don’t have a fall back option, these are the things one might do.

Photo: AP/Winslow Townson


2 Responses

  1. its just a matter of time before every fan has somebody named on their team in this matter.

  2. Damn, I hope Ramon’s not related to me. We have enough mess in our fam :-)

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