A Fool And His Money, Week 1.

Either I have no business guessing odds or I’m rusty as hell, because I seriously believed the Saints would cover the spread of 6.5 and would have a shot at taking the game. I forgot the cardinal rule: never pick a top-echelon NFC team over an AFC team — this wasn’t an offensive orgy so much as it was rough, brutal ass-fucking from one side, as the Colts dominated 41-10 with their defense coming out to play.

Won’t stop me from picking the rest of the week’s action, though:

Broncos (-3.5) vs. Bills – Weak Bills defense vs. Travis Henry. Mowdown.

Steelers (-3.5) vs. Browns – That can’t be right. Pittsburgh should be able to double that spread.

Eagles (-2.5) vs. Packers – I know Philly’s on the road, but that’s still an NFC North team they’re playing. A field goal should be a gimme putt.

Chiefs (+1.5) vs. Texans – Yes, it’s a road game, and I should know better, but the offense in Houston is not THAT much improved to pick them to win outright.

Titans vs. Jaguars (-5.5) – Let’s see how much VY can do with no one to help him, and no one to help that Titans’ D much, either. My guess is not much.

Falcons vs. Vikings (-2.5) – Picking between shitty teams is the worst. Minnesota gets the nod for home field only.

Patriots (-5.5) vs. Jets – Chad Pennington’s weak arm and a questionable O-line should mean a couple turnovers for New England on top of the usual offensive stats.

Panthers vs. Rams (-1.5) – I don’t trust Carolina to win outright with a shaky QB situation, do you?

Dolphins vs. Redskins (-3.5) – I like very little about Miami’s offense, and even less so on the road.

Lions (+2.5) vs. Raiders – We know Daunte Culpepper is fantasy kryptonite, but Josh McCown is non-existent, and if he’s starting, that should mean the Lions can clean up, despite the good Oakland D.

Bears vs. Chargers (-5.5) – Only because San Diego’s defense is good enough to steal a couple of Sex Cannon picks to make this a two-score game.

Buccaneers vs. Seahawks (-6.5) – Unless Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander fall apart midway through the game, this should be a two touchdown game.

Giants vs. Cowboys (-3.5) – If the Cowboys can’t get up by a touchdown on the most dysfunctional team in the league, that’s sad.

Ravens (-3.5) vs. Bengals – I’m inclined to take “no offense” over “no defense”, because no defense makes no offense look good.

Cardinals vs. 49ers (-3.5) – No way I’m taking the Buzzsaw on the road until Russ Grimm proves that there is an offensive line there.

Photo: AP/AJ Mast


2 Responses

  1. I picked Indy…to win…not to beatdown.

  2. I predict upset wins for the Jets and the Texans. (And the Bears, but I’m contractually obligated to predict an 18-0 season for them at this stage of the game.)

    The Pats don’t know it yet, but they’re over, despite all those gaudy free agent WRs. So are the Panthers and the Seahawks.

    The worm has turned.

    — Ajax.

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