Shakedown, Week 1.

Right, everyone else and their mother does their own polls for college football, many much, much more knowledgeable than yours truly. But hell, I’m facing a bit of a block, so let’s have at it.

  1. LSU – by virtue of their defense being much more impressive than USC’s last week. Both offenses were mediocre.
  2. USC – see above. They need the early bye week, but will likely stay here or slip next week because of it.
  3. West Fuckin’ Virginia – Would be #2 if they hadn’t given up 24 points to the first week cupcake. We all know the defense is dicey in the Big East if you’re not Rutgers, but still.
  4. Oklahoma – Yes, it was only West Texas, but still, nice to know they’ve got offensive weapons again.
  5. Wisconsin – Wazzu’s not exactly a patsy, even though they’re in the bottom tier of the Pac-10, and given UM’s debacle and OSU’s down year to be had, this is my Big 10 champ right now.
  6. Florida – Let’s see Tebow sling that arm against a bigger name first, but still, color me impressed with it.
  7. Louisville – Onslaught.
  8. Texas – Scoring your only 21 points against the opening cupcake in the first quarter = asking for trouble. I’ll say TCU beats the spread against them this week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Longhorns have a loss by the next poll.
  9. Cal – They’re only losing one game this year, and I think it will be against USC.
  10. Georgia – Beating up on lower echelon Big 12 is not exactly something to be proud of, but I liked the way they did it. Stafford looks like quality at QB, and they closed out on their 12 team, which Auburn didn’t do until late (playing like shite for three quarters.)

Honorable Mentions: Penn State, UCLA, tOSU.

Place Your Bets:

  1. TCU – still like a potential upset here. That defense is scary.
  2. Hawaii – trendy, trendy, trendy, but you can’t ignore six TD and 400+ passing yards by Colt Brennan in the first half. (Too bad he had to be such a dumbass on the police blotter in Boulder.)
  3. Georgia Tech – I can’t believe I’m saying this about any team coached by Chan Gailey, but they look like a good fit to win their division in the ACC.

Run Away, Screaming:

  1. Virginia Tech – Sean Glennon is not the QB this team needs, because if the run isn’t happening, neither is his passing.
  2. Notre Dame – Yes, Charlie, you are rebuilding. Hope you like Banana Hammock at QB.
  3. Auburn – losing to K-State for three quarters and managing to suck out does not inspire confidence.

Dumbass Upset Call for this Week: Oregon over Michigan.


One Response

  1. I’m feeling the Warriors right now. They seem like they just played Arena ball all winter or something the way they move so fluid on offense. Although the long trip to Louisiana could be trouble. Holler.

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