Cheap Shots #61: The Plateau Effect.

  • Where can women’s sports go from here? [Sports Media Watch]
  • Chipper Jones, sore loser. [Crashburn Alley]
  • Penn State fans, salivating at the thought of the Lions killing Jimmy Clausen this weekend. (Banana hammocks = nightmare fuel. You’ve been warned.) [Run Up the Score]
  • Russ Grimm will resurrect Edge James’ career. [Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]
  • The Hipster Olympics. Bashing skinny fucks who wear women’s jeans = AWESOME. [With Leather]
  • Dude, if you’re going to get “Rammer Jammer” tattooed on your arms, do it right. [EDSBS]
  • If you’re gonna bet on full seasons for NFL teams, line it up here and get your knowledge first. [Stop Mike Lupica]
  • Former Falcons RB Jamal Anderson is on a reality show where celebrities are taught how to rap. Please, God, make the bad people stop. [Leave the Man Alone]
  • Chiefs prez Carl Peterson, showing up President Bush. [Pacman Jonesin’]
  • AA’s offering a free iPhone if you win his NFL Pick’ Em league this year. [Awful Announcing]

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