Cheap Shots #61: Prevent D = Waving The White Flag.

Upcoming fantasy football weekend, with two more drafts to go, one each weekend day. That plus college football means I won’t be leaving the apartment this weekend except for another beer run.

  • There is nothing boring about football unless it’s a cupcake game or division bottom feeders. That said, here are the dullest plays. [The Extrapolater]
  • A reality show for those cheerleaders wanting to get back to the glory days? Really? [Ladies…]
  • The Baltimore Ravens start a club for their female fans. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Looking for a cause post-Vick, people? The possums need your help. [The Commission]
  • College football sleepers and their pro wrestling equivalents. [Pyle of List]
  • Fewer NFL ads touting the players’ inherent goodness as human beings, please. [The Feed]
  • Why have a fantasy football playoff? [Pacifist Viking]
  • I didn’t know there were war dances in rugby. [With Malice]
  • Another Red Sox fan, heading off the rails with reason. [And Here Come The Pretzels!]
  • Absolutely amazing catches by these Bears players who may not actually make the team. [Awful Announcing]
  • Cole Hamels of the Phillies, talking to bloggers about his weird motion and his hottie wife. [Bugs and Cranks]

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