College Football Is Back.

And I couldn’t be happier, despite the fact that you may have noticed that I have written no previews, done no polls, etc. Why? I think there are plenty of others in Blogfrica who are much more obsessive (EDSBS, The Hawkeye Compulsion, The Wizard of Odds, Journo Rock, RUTS), and have the time and knowledge on the week-to-week polls and which teams got better (even if they’re team specific); I only care when it comes to USC, CU, and Iowa. With that in mind, I’m one of those Pac-10 fans who tries to be honest, yet protective of the conference every time some basher goes all Les Miles on us.

It’s that instinct alone that would make me root for Cal against Tennessee this Saturday, if only to wipe the smirk off of some of the East Coasters and Southerners and raise the conference profile. But truthfully, the Pac-10 needs to come with it this year.  Outside of USC, there is talent to crack the BCS bowls this year — Cal’s got it, UCLA’s got it if Karl Dorrell can get out of his own way on offense, Oregon’s got a shot, Oregon State can overachieve. Someone else needs to crack the BCS as an at-large, or else we’re gonna keep hearing it from the SEC and the Big 10 folk while we keep beating each other up in conference.

So, come this weekend, I’m gonna have some serious trouble figuring out at which times I can actually hit the gym at the time I need it most, with my alcohol tolerance primed and ready to go for yet another season of early morning games with Pam Ward saying dumb stuff and Brent Musberger calling the night games wasted. Hey, if he’s gonna be drunk, so should I. It’s only right.


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  1. Oregon Stat overachieve, HA they dont even have a starting QB and their top WR is out on personal leave. Look for Utah to beat OSU tonight

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