Well, We Have An Explanation If He Treats The Players Like Dogs.

Blech. This is one of those days where I’m just picking up on everything late from everyone else, but since it’s USC related and I cracked on Eric Scott when he got arrested, better note this.

Via everyone else and their mother, USC running backs coach Todd McNair has been convicted twice of animal cruelty-related charges towards dogs, and there were allegations of dogfighting. The initial dirt-digging came from Bruins Nation, looking to get some dirt post-Eric Scott arrest, but they turned up the arrests from his playing days via articles in the NYT and the Rocky Mountain News.

The LAT (heavily sourcing everyone else and missing the boat) has Pete Carroll’s response:

Coach Pete Carroll said he became aware of the incidents about a week ago and addressed them with McNair. The incidents came to light again on the website BruinsNation.com.

“We looked into it to make sure we knew what happened,” Carroll said. “That was a long time ago.”

Not exactly the most enlightened, there, is it? People make mistakes, but I’m not sure if you’re a head coach of a big-time program, that you hire either Eric Scott or Todd McNair at an academic institution if you find these things in their backgrounds.  (It’s not necessarily encouraging that McNair’s also accused of being part of the whole Reggie Bush house mess, either.)


4 Responses

  1. I don’t see where there should be any outrage. He was convicted and punished for his crime. He paid his debt and has moved on. I don’t see this as a big deal at all. If it means anything, it means he will get less(no) slack if he were to get in trouble with the law henceforth. Other than that, there’s really no there there.

  2. It’s not a big deal in the justice sense — he was convicted, etc. like you say. It’s awful for the PR of a D-I program, though, and we always know which one wins in these situations.

  3. somehow i see this ending just like the reggie bush house scandal…itll be news for maybe 3 days if even that, and then it will just disappear

  4. I once owned a dog and didn’t let her inside while we were eating. She just sat outside… and waited. Cruel? Yes. Unusual? No.

    On a side note, is it me or does hearing “top recruiting class” usually reek of foul tactics and car dealership and house scandals? Reggie Bush was just the big name people went digging for… do people care? Seems like it gets swept under the rug like steroid use in the NFL.

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