The Specter of Great Expectations.

Rarely are such high hopes fulfilled, especially when the dreams of the parents are passed on to their children to an excruciating and unnecessary degree, and such is the continuing sad saga that is the life of Todd Marinovich. Via Sports by Brooks, the OC Register notes the former USC/Raider QB’s latest arrest on methamphetamine-related charges while skateboarding on a Newport Beach boardwalk. It’s his fourth arrest on drug or resisting arrest charges since 1997.

Marinovich is probably one of the saddest stories in sports — pressured to be the ultimate QB by his father, who essentially took away his childhood in pursuit of that goal, and to find him in this state as a 38-year old man, it’s hard to make the usual “oh, he’s nearly 40, he should know better” judgments, even though those are entirely fair. I just have a hard time condemning a grown man who didn’t really seem to get a whole lot of a chance to be a kid (plus, his crimes are solely ones that harm himself.)


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