Stealing Signals: 46-7.

Red Sox 11, White Sox 1 – 46 runs scored by the Sawx, 7 by the Sox in the entire series. Boston needs to roll in order to keep the Yankees back, and mowing over what has turned into one of the worst teams in baseball will help. I wasn’t expecting the White Sox to finish behind the Royals in the AL Central. Maybe I should now.

Phillies 14, Padres 2 – Poor Tim Stauffer. Getting assaulted like that while filling in for Chris Young isn’t the way you’d like to go while being called up on a spot start. Jayson Werth goes 5-for-5, drives in four. Ryan Howard hits homer #34 and drives in four of his own.

Dodgers 6, Mets 2 – Carlos Delgado is not the best defensive first baseman, and he’s in a slump. However, I’m not so sure he makes the error that Jeff Conine made in the sixth that allowed the Dodgers to open up a lead on John Maine.

Angels 3, Blue Jays 1 – Kelvim Escobar, dark horse Cy Young candidate? Maybe. John Lackey gets all the press, but Escobar keeps making his case by holding the Blue Jays to one run over eight innings of work.

Cardinals 4, Braves 1 – Sitting both the Joneses wasn’t necessarily the best of ideas, as it robbed most of the power from Atlanta’s line-up (TBS’ announcing team said “Chipper’s groin [was] barking.”) Adam Wainwright shut the Braves down while Juan Encarnacion chipped in a homer and top-notch baserunning from Ryan Ludwick and Brendan Ryan created more scoring chances.

Giants 5, Brewers 4 – Still slumping, and slumping hard to teams they have no business losing series to, the Brewers are in need of help, quick. They get swept by the Giants on a single by Rich Aurilia that lands just to the side of right fielder Corey Hart.

Rangers 5, Mariners 3 – Sammy Sosa still has an impact while playing part time, hitting a two-run homer in the first inning as Vicente Padilla goes on to have a respectable start. Now, the M’s are under the gun as they start a series against the Angels and need to win two out of the three to tie for the division lead.

Tigers 5, Yankees 4 – Three early home runs gave the Tigers a lead to hold on to, but they almsot gave it away except for good defensive plays (including one by closer Todd Jones) and some fireballing by Joel Zumaya, whom Jim Leyland must be happy to have back.

Photo: Nam Y. Huh/AP


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