He’ll Need Every Cent of That $12 Mil Guaranteed.

I hadn’t intended to take yesterday off. Came back after a meeting at work, looked at the computer, didn’t want to type or think too much. Somehow SI got ahold of the Brady parody and the numbers spiked something crazy. Back to normal!

Obviously no one had the talk with Travis Henry regarding the birds or the bees, not in his home, not in health class, and certainly not at the University of Tennessee. Via the Big Lead, we discover that the big free agent acquisition of my beloved Horseheads has some major baby mama drama — nine kids by nine different women. The article mostly concerns the child by a Georgia woman, but it reveals some interesting bits:

  • Henry claims to only pull in $1 mil after taxes
  • he’s a spendthrift and nearly broke (again, so he claims)
  • He borrowed cash from the Titans the last time he fell behind on child support payments.

This is the beautiful pay off line:

[Lawyer Shiel] Edlin said Henry wants to be a good parent. “I know these are a lot of kids, and there might be some questions about it,” he said, “but he’s a really committed father.”

If he gets one more woman pregnant, he’s got himself an all-Henry football team, and frankly, I’d watch that reality show. HBO, get on this: it would be at least as entertaining, if not more, than Hard Knocks.


One Response

  1. “but he’s a really committed father.”

    More like, he’s committed to becoming a father…over and over and over….

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