Corner Kicks: Keane Blamed The Loss on The WAGS in His Post-Game Presser.

Man U. is currently blowing every chance possible against Tottenham right now, going into the half. I’d almost forgotten how much fun watching Alex Ferguson on the sidelines is.

Sunderland 0-2 Liverpool – Really should have been 0-4 in the Reds’ favor, but Mohammed Sissoko’s score would have been good enough in any case. Craig Gordon, the Sunderland keeper warded off Red efforts for a good deal of the match and likely deserved better from his mates.

Chelsea 1-0 Portsmouth – I’m really learning to hate Frank Lampard. It’s easy because he plays for Chelski, but since he’s rumored to have negotiated some insane contract demands (my favorite is teammates can’t touch him for five seconds post-goal so he can perform a celebration) and won yesterday’s game, it’s getting even easier.

Everton 1-1 Blackburn – Nothing quite like the agony that is giving up a late goal when you’d been coasting to a solid three points after the 14-minute mark.

Aston Villa 2-1 Fulham – Secret support for Fulham, as I admit a big man-crush for Clint Dempsey going to the last World Cup, but the team then allowed two unanswered goals by Aston, and given the opportunities, would have coughed up more.

Arsenal 1-0 Man City – Cesc Fabregas is the scorer of the first goal against Man City this year, and it turns out to lead to MC’s first loss of the season. Eriksson’s equilibrium is semi-restored (or at least my perception of him is.)


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