Scraping The Bottom of the Beer Barrel.

Didn’t take too long for David Wells to find new employment, particularly considering just how bad the condition of some pitching staffs are these days, but the reaction of the Dodger fan in the office to the news that he’s going to start for Los Angeles against the Mets on Sunday was something along the lines of “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”

Still, Wells’ 5-8, 5 and a half ERA is probably at least as good as, if not better, what those bums have had to throw out there in the form of Brett “Bombko” Tomko and Mark Hendrickson (who clearly should have given up on pro sports after being posterized in basketball), who have both been laughably bad, and resulted in relievers Chad Billingsley (who won yesterday) and Eric Stults making starts.

It’s still too little, too late for the Dodgers in the division (ha, ha, ha!), and Boomer would be better suited to kicking back and eating unlimited Dodger Dogs in the right field all-you-can-eat pavilion, but at the very least, the image of the over-the-hill hurler will mean a laugh to me, which is really all that matters in this world.

Photo: AP/Pat Sullivan


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  1. Tomko + Hendrickson = a market for pitchers over 40.

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