Nah, No Pressure.

Having an NFL Hall of Famer as your quarterbacks coach in high school would probably be just a bit intimidating. It might be more so if that Hall of Famer is also your dad, but then again, if you’re Jack Elway and living with being John Elway’s son, you’re probably used to dealing with unrealistic expectations.

Jack is the senior starting QB at Cherry Creek High School (disclaimer: I graduated from that fine, upstanding institution in 2000*) and head coach Greg Crichett wanted to bring his big-timer dad in last season, but John’s schedule didn’t permit.

“I had the time and wanted to coach,” the elder Elway said. “I figured this would be the last chance I’d get to do it. I talked to Greg, and he allowed me to come out and help.” Critchett said he talked with John before last season about helping as an instructor, but the logistics didn’t work out. Elway has modified his demanding schedule to make time this fall.

“The first thing he said was that he has something to give to all the kids, and there’s truth to it,” Critchett said.

There’s a lot of “catching up” here, as Elway’s divorce and business commitments often kept him out of the picture as far as involvement with Jack on a football level — and he admitted as much to the Denver Post, and much more in an interview with ESPN a while back about the troubles after his twin sister Jana died.

It’s gotta be tough to coach your kid, or be coached by your dad — not only are the expectations higher, but odds are you’re harder on yourself if you’re the kid and harder on you kid if you’re the parent coaching. (I get the same feeling watching Little League each year, with dads coaching their kids.)   At least the man is getting involved again while he still can — with two daughters already in college and his son with one more year, he’s only got so much time left. I’ve not kept up with the Bruins, but here’s hoping they can pull one off against Columbine this year (we hated them with a passion; hope that’s still the case.)

(*Fine and upstanding is being charitable. Great school academically, but let’s just say I’m looking forward to the 10-year reunion to see how many smug bastards are still living off of Daddy’s money.)

Photo: John Leyba/Denver Post


7 Responses

  1. Ugh…the only thing worse would be if he were at Mullen.

  2. Ha! My boss at the time I lived in Denver had a son at Mullen. I always felt bad for the kid, because his dad was the worst boss I’ve ever had – like some low-rent Bobby Knight. I figured if I hated him, his kid must have it ten times worse.

    Also, whenever someone mentions Cherry Creek, I get the best sense memory of the awesome cheeseburgers at the Cherry Cricket. Given the “you can’t go home again” theme of life, I’d bet they are now half the size and half as tasty.

    Oh yeah, and…. something about football.

  3. If the kid went to Mullen, the only reason you need to feel bad for him is because he went to Mullen. Similarly, if his dad was a bad boss, it was because he allowed his son to go to Mullen.

    As a semi-proud grad of Regis, I can say, with certainty, that hacking on Mullen is one of my favorite sports.

  4. as a Mullen grad, I’m glad you found a favorite sport, since you can’t beat us at any real ones. Except maybe swimming. Is that a real sport? Let me check…


  5. My dad coached me in middle school basketball. I became a swimmer.

    I predict the kid will be a cross-country skier in about three months.

  6. […] I deep inside, Jack Elway just wants to dance or something not related to football. (Signal to Noise) […]

  7. Well, at least Elway’s name is finally off those car dealerships in Denver…

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