Ah Yes, Historical Re-Enacments.

Yahoo Sports has an article on Ball Four author Jim Bouton apparently reviving 1880s vintage baseball in his Vintage Base Ball Federation, which is an approximation of rules from the 1850s-1890s that make the best game to watch. Interesting article, especially because Bouton’s association has a competitor, the Vintage Base Ball Association, which plays by 1860s rules (no gloves, people) and some (but not many) think Bouton is peddling an inferior brand. An interesting article, truly, but really just an excuse to post this video of Conan O’Brien at vintage baseball yet again. Enjoy.


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this video. Conan is hilarious.

  2. What makes me laugh.

    Bouton’s league (the VBBF) is criticized for using cherry picked rules from the era—by a league (the VBBA) that resolves the differences between rules -when one of their 1864 teams plays, say, an 1865 squad: by playing one half the game by one set of rules–and then use another set of rules for the second half! (Who knows how they handle extra innings?!LOL!)

    Talk about historically in-accurate!
    Who ever heard of changing rules mid-game?

    Children know what to call it:

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