Wake Me When Those Names Come Out, OK?

It’s not that I think that the dishing of names that former Met clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski has apparently given to MLB steroid investigator George Mitchell lacks any sort of significance. I just suspect it’ll be another year or so, at least, before we actually see a report with names on it, and even then, I don’t trust MLB with it. By the time the report will come out, the effect will be underwhelming. Also, you’ll have to pardon me if I suspect that the entire report on steroids in MLB will manage somehow to excise the culpability of management in looking the other way.

With that out of the way, at least Mitchell has something to hang on his hat for another few months now, as we continue the tenuous cycle of his name popping up every couple months to alert the owners and the fans that the money is not being wasted and that, eventually, there will be a report produced (we think.)  He’ll need to issue another press release to stir up the AP in a couple of months to keep screaming, “Yes, I’m doing something, people!” If he wants to justify that report, he’d better make ALL of the names Radomski named public. No redacting, please.


2 Responses

  1. S2N,

    is it safe to say that if BB’s name was on that list, it
    wouldn’t matter to the MSM if Jesus Christ was also on that

  2. Des, I think you could safely say that.

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