At Least The Chiefs Are Sure To Finish Third In The AFC West Now.

A man rushing the ball 400 teams last season and, given the predicament of the offense (new starting quarterback, best receiver is the tight end, decimated offensive line by retirements), will be repeating the feat again in this upcoming season, has a reason to feel like he needs to get paid now before all that ball toting weights on his legs too much to move, and that was the rationale behind Larry Johnson’s holdout from Chiefs training camp.

No longer. The running back inked an extension that means he’ll make $45 million over the next six years and is practicing with the team (don’t be shocked if he plays in the next pre-season game, either).  $19 million of that money is guaranteed, about a couple mil short of the Fantasy Jesus/San Diego money Johnson was seeking, but it was good enough.

Thing is, LJ at his best isn’t good enough for the Chiefs to finish any better than .500 this season, and even that will be a stretch.  Damon Huard’s kinda banged up, Brodie Croyle’s young, and KC needs to hope Dwayne Bowe pans out as a receiver who can make some catches for them. Still not enough, especially with the retirement of Willie Roaf on that offensive line. Johnson better hope Herm Edwards has gotten a bit less enamored of rushing for three yards on third and long.


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