Stealing Signals: Supernatural.

Twins 1, Rangers 0 – 17 Ks, 2 hits (both by Sammy Sosa), 8 innings. Enjoy Johan Santana while you still can, Minnesota.

Braves 6, Diamondbacks 2 – Mark Teixeira has done nothing but mash since he got to Atlanta, and today he did it in the service of John Smoltz, smashing two 2-run homers.

Angels 3, Red Sox 1 – More man-sized action from Joe Saunders, who has done nothing but throw smoke since hitting the Halo starting rotation. 7.2, six hits, and one run allowed.

Reds 7, Brewers 6 – Chris Capuano is the latest pitcher who couldn’t buy a win if they were on sale at the dollar store. This time, Javier Valentin smacks a bases loaded double in the eighth to overcome a J.J. Hardy homer. That’s 16 straight Capuano starts the Brew Crew has lost.

Mariners 11, White Sox 6 – King Felix wasn’t his normal self (givng up four runs and 10 hits), but he didn’t have to be, as the Mariners opened up the can on Jon Garland. Jose Guillen hit a two-run homer and drove in five.

Padres 5, Astros 3 – Greg Maddux got as many hits in his plate appearances as he gave up in six to Houston: two.

Dodgers 4, Rockies 3 – Scott Proctor coughs up a two-run shot to Todd Helton in the top of the eighth, but the Rockies’ pen can’t hold the lead, and Ramon Martinez drives in two off Jeremy Affeldt.

Mets 8, Nats 2 – Carlos Beltran is coming back from injury with a vengeance, going yard twice off Washington pitching.

Yankees 9, Tigers 3 – Do the Yanks now have a bullpen? Joba Chamberlain and Edwar Ramirez would make one think so, nailing down strikeouts after Chien-Ming Wang throws his usual solid start. Wilson Betemit is hitting in ways he didn’t with the Dodgers (at least not consistently), filling in for Derek Jeter with four RBIs.
(Photo: AP/Paul Battaglia)


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