Sacked In The Backfield On 4th And Long.

Michael Vick will plead guilty to charges against him in the federal dogfighting case, and as a result, will likely never play another down in the NFL. I don’t care if Al Davis is still being pumped full of formaldehyde on a daily basis or thrown into the Lazarus pit every week (which is entirely plausible), the crimes that Vick is pleading to got came at the wrong time (during Lord Rog’;s get tough period) and pissed off the wrong constituency (never, ever do anything on a scale that will get PETA pissed at you, EVER) here by committing some atrocious acts, and I suspect he’ll be allocuting to everything in the indictment against him.

Even after whatever jail term (anywhere from 10-36 months is being bandied about on various networks) he serves, he’ll be suspended by Iron Fist for at least a year. So, make that 2009 at the very, very earliest, right? No NFL team will want to broach that publicity hit when it comes up, no matter how contrite Vick is or may be when he makes his own public statement regarding the matter.  Leonard Little and Ray Lewis may still be able to play ball despite being involved in a fatal DUI accident and a murder investigation, respectively, but this comes at a time of larger amounts of scrutiny, and Vick is one of those few major test cases.


2 Responses

  1. It’s hard to believe that Al Sharpton is already criticizing the justice system instead of the quarterback on this one.

  2. mmmmmmmm…..that’s good satire!

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