Corner Kicks: Someone Check And See If The Ref’s Behind On His Mortgage.

Yep, in the effort to keep up with my promise to keep up with Liverpool, I’ll be writing EPL round-ups, and that’s the title. I bet someone’s used it, though.

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea – Fernando Torres got robbed of his rightful glory today. The Spaniard knocked in a nice goal off a Gerrard pass in the first half and the Reds had Chelski positioned for a knockoff until referee Rob Styles called a bullshit penalty kick when Florent Maluda got fouled by Steve Finnan in the second half. Frank Lampard executed the lamest fist pump ever after knocking in the PK, and Liverpool had a couple late chances (especially in the 80s, when Babel needed to aim just a bit more to the right for another goal.) The game saw nine yellow cards.

Man City 1-0 Man U. – Regardless of where you stand on the above game, we can all give a hearty cheer at the result of this one, as Man City has yet to give up a goal in the season so far.  Question, though: can someone inform me when Sven-Goran Eriksson became a competent manager? All I remember from last year’s World Cup is gnashing about his lame skills in handling the English squad.

Blackburn 1-1 Arsenal – I hate FSC for this.  I’m writing this up before I even get to see the game (stupid fucking tape delay).  Dumbass goalie play was the cause of both goals in this one, as Robin van Persie got one over on Blackburn’s Brad Friedel, but David Dunn got one past Jens Lehmann.


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  1. Between that penalty call and the Phillies giving up a seven running inning after having a 4-0 lead, I’m pretty much ready to swear off sports until football officially starts.

    Also, one of my old Hot Blogger opponents, Being Sven, is a must-read if you’re going to fully embrace this Liverpool thing.

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