These Things, Sadly, Still Happen.

No one really is supposed to know the name of Kenny Wilson, a high school football player from Irvine’s Beckman High School. Problem is, depending on the outcome of the autopsy by Orange County authorities today, the junior guard may be the latest to die via a combination of two-a-days and hot weather, despite all efforts by the coaching staff to make sure it didn’t happen. Wilson collapsed yesterday at the first practice of the season, and died on the way to the hospital.

Wilson’s death appeared to be heat related, Miller said, but an autopsy to be conducted today will determine what killed the Tustin teenager.

Two-a-day practices designed to get football teams into fighting shape by fall are notoriously tough, [friend Rick] Fenton said. Cups of water and Gatorade are everywhere. Players are reminded to keep hydrated.

After hours of sprints and bear crawls, a couple of fainting episodes or players who can’t quite hold on to their breakfasts aren’t unusual for any high school football team, Fenton said.

“We didn’t really think anything of it,” he said.

Having suffered through a few two-a-days in the short time I played football in high school, fainting, dehydration, and puking are just part of the routine in early practice with getting adjusted to football again — but the heat is always the thing that really drives it harder, although Irvine was in the 90s or so yesterday. Naturally, this issue came to the attention of most football fans when Vikings O-lineman Korey Stringer died in 2001, but the most a team can do is monitor hydration levels the best it can.

Student football player collapses on field, dies [Orange County Register]


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  1. It is ashame…this is always going to happen every summer…

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