Make The Cover Of SI One Week, Bail Out The Next.

Any SI subscriber west of the Rocky Mountains likely has received a copy of this week’s issue with Southern Cal running backs C.J. Gable, Chauncey Washington, and Emmanuel Moody on it — and read through the backlog of 10 blue-chip tailbacks that those three are part of, including a sixth-year senior (Hershel Dennis), a redshirt freshman (Marc Taylor), and the true freshman stud in Joe McKnight. Gable, Washington, and Moody were the trio behind John David Booty last year, and were expected to play a part.

Well, the L.A. Times says Moody, fresh off that cover, will be transferring.


Most of us in Trojan fandom knew there would be musical chairs a-coming with this — something had to give, and McKnight said a couple days ago it certainly wouldn’t be him, but it looks pretty bad to have one of the RBs on the cover of a national magazine for several states rumored to be halfway out the Coliseum door. Southern Cal’s running backs have been vulnerable to injury ever since Reggie Bush and LenDale White left — having a committee of Gable, Washington, and Moody was necessary last year, because all three had injury issues, and that problem hasn’t left, even running nine or ten deep.

Joe McKnight picks up a sprained knee and neither Dennis nor Tyler have practiced recently. Pete Carroll’s gonna need every tailback he can get his hands on and keep in practice right now. Carroll would not comment, but speculation is that part of Moody’s decision to transfer was spurred by the coach’s statement in practice that he would be donning the lab coat and asking for the assistance of the science department in creating a “Frankenback” from the working parts of all ten blue-chippers.*

The resulting hodge-podge of running back would barrel through linebackers and only emit sounds similar to grunting, along with the occasional utterances of “ENNNNDD ZONNNE…CHEEERLEEEEADERS….BRAAAAAAAAINNNNNS….”

Tailback Moody to transfer [Los Angeles Times]

(*Speculation via the voices in my head, as always.)


10 Responses

  1. I very much believe that USC’s success is not only due to the raw physical talents they pull, but the fact that the talent they pull is of the mindset that WANTS to compete with the best on an everyday basis. The mental edge has to be there to commit to a situation flowing over with so much talent. I could see it being overwhelming for some.

    But I don’t blame Moody here at all. There has to be a breaking point somewhere. He has NFL talent but ran the risk of never seeing the field. I don’t think anyone is outclassing Joe McKnight. Good call by EM, in my opinion.

  2. He could be on a team that wins a national championship, but it doesn’t mean a hell of a lot if he doesn’t get to play. I understand Moody’s decision entirely.

  3. Marc Tyler’s actually a true freshman, but there’s speculation that he’ll redshirt this year because he still hasn’t fully recovered from a broken leg he suffered in high school.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see Stafon Johnson transfer, possibly to UCLA

  4. […] Make The Cover Of SI One Week, Bail Out The Next. [image] Any SI subscriber west of the Rocky Mountains likely has received a copy of this week’s issue with […] […]

  5. Moody was certainly talented, but I doubt USC will miss him much. As you say, that backfield is absolutely loaded.

  6. I like Moody, do you know his personal website?

  7. good for the young man. i wish him the best.

  8. […] week, he appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated along with two of his fellow RB […]

  9. EM should have gone to Texas. USC is loaded at every position.

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