Ask Ron Artest and Troy Hudson How Their Rap Ventures Went.

With the avenue for professional wrestling restricted for now via the Titans complaints, it seems that Adam Jones is going for the usual cliche by delcaring that he will be heading for the recording studio. Pacman will be recording as part of a duo called “Posterboyz,” with the results with producer Spoaty coming out on his National Street League Records (naturally, the NFL, in its hypersensitivity to anything that might infringe on its trademark, is looking into whether the name would violate it.)

Given the track record of Shaq, Kobe, Ron Artest, and Troy Hudson in terms of selling a rap career on the side, I suspect sales will be modest. But we need encouragement here. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the inevitable Goodell dis track, and the response cut from Lord Rog. I hear Gene Upshaw drops some phat beats behind the tables.


2 Responses

  1. WOW. This guy is really putting a lot of effort into ruining his career. That album is gonna sell 12 copies max

  2. […] Man… does Pacman have a clue? At all??? Signal to Noise shares Pacman Jones’ latest idiocy adventure undertaking.. […]

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