Please Remember The Man Has Won 13 Majors Before You Speak.


It’s not like I know a hell of a lot about golf outside that it is a difficult game, and even tougher to dominate because a golfer is playing against the course and a large field. But I suspect I know more than various talking head columnists (Skip Bayless today, Jay Mariotti in the past, etc.) who make the very specious claim that somehow Tiger Woods’ dominance in majors is questionable because he’s never come from behind on Sunday to win, even though he’s had three shots at it this year before winning the PGA yesterday.

Again, the man has won 13 majors by his early 30s and we’re questioning how he does it? Let me make a comparison using my day job: I am up for a promotion to produce the 6pm newscast, the top show at my station. My boss judges this by having me compete with the three other producers by doing the show for a three-day period. I get the promotion because I have three straight days of near flawless shows, and the other producers make numerous errors, forget to check graphics, scripts, and don’t plan their work in advance.*  Yet my promotion is questioned because I didn’t fall behind in the competition, and was on point all three days I did the show.

Back to Tiger, though — if not for a lip-out on Friday, he gets a 62; finishing second in three majors and winning the last one is a damn good year. And there are bloviators questioning a major victory because he led for three days out of four? Some people just aren’t ever convinced of athletic greatness sometimes.

Also, someone remind Woody Austin that talking ish like he did about playing better than Tiger did is a bad move.  We saw what happened and laughed when Rory Sabbatini wrote checks with his mouth that his clubs couldn’t cash.

*Not that my co-workers actually do this. They’re all good at what they do.

(Photo: AP/Morry Gash)


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  1. In sports everyone has to find something negative about great athletes/players….until Tiger wins at least two majors after trailing going into the final round this talk will continue…

    It’s the nature of the beast…we always have to rip apart success…

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