Another Football Season To Track.

I actually love watching soccer. No lie. It’s just the trouble of getting up at 7 AM PST to watch Fox Soccer Channel that bugs me, but it’s worth it for the EPL, a welcome reminder that despite the MLS’ suckdom, there’s still a reason to get up early on Saturday and watch the pitch. I caught Man City vs. West Ham and Aston Villa take on Liverpool, which ended beautifully late with a gorgeous free kick from the man in the center, Steven Gerrard, to make it 2-1. (I think the middle game was Portsmouth and Derby.)

I’m actually going to make an attempt at tracking Liverpool this year — I liked the way they played in the Champions League Tournament before they got beat by AC Milan. Here are my Liverpool rooting reasons:

  1. It’s all about Gerrard. Love watching him.
  2. Front of the jersey is Carlsberg, a beer sponsor.
  3. Don’t want to pull for Man U, Chelsea, or Arsenal.

Hopefully I can actually stick with it this year.


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  1. Welcome aboard, my friend.

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