Vacation Means A Couple of Extra Projects.

One is sports-related, one isn’t.

1) Ted, the founder and editor of A Price Above Bip Roberts, asked yours truly to chime in with a piece for his 100 Most Influential series, and given my rooting interest, I wrote my entry on the deity that walks among us by the name of Pete Carroll.

2) I also spent some time putting on my music snob hat and judging two genres of electronic music that I have slim to no experience with, as the Great Barstoolio had Holly of the Ladies… and Peter Bean of the Burnt Orange Nation throw down over breakbeats and house music. Here are the four days of challenges (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4) and the judgments from yours truly, TGB, and Kleph. Regardless, download all of them for your personal needs.


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