Pam Oliver Tells Her Producer Where To Shove It.

Courtesy of our Fearless Leader, Awful Announcing, we have one of my personal favorites, Pam Oliver (both in sports reporting skill and beauty), letting her producer know she doesn’t appreciate his repeated jabbing in her IFB:

Yowsa. Betcha that gets them both into a closed-door meeting with a supervisor. As a producer in another medium, this is the most annoying part of the job — talent that insists on dragging things out. However, at some point, you’ve got to account for it in a live telecast, and especially in live sporting events.

That said, AA is starting his series on announcing previews for the NFL season, and he’s kicked it off with Fox, whom he’s got plenty of good words for, despite the Buckbot Jr.


4 Responses

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Working in radio I know it sucks when youre out of time, but if you insist on asking one question that happens. Then calling out the producer like that, that is just a low move especially for someone who has been on air for a long time.

  2. Gulf – I’ve worked with anchors that drag stuff out. You learn how to account for that. It’s certainly a cheap shot to call it out on air, but as a producer, you can’t let it get that far, and you certainly can’t push it.

  3. I understand who is on air can ask that next question and let it go on, but to call them out like that is pretty low. However we do not know what the producer said and how pushy they were.

  4. She had to talk about Romo’s contract situation and the producer should have let her ask that question.

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