We Gotta Go Through This Ish Again Already?

Guys, I’m totally worn out on this stuff. Barry hit 756. The accusations keep piling in on him, but we’ll be hearing a little less of that in a while. Now the pile is already starting on Alex Rodriguez after Jose Canseco said he had “stuff” on Rodriguez for his latest book — and the problem is, we kind of have to pay attention to him because he happened to be right last time. Now, Chipper Jones is kinda-sorta validating the rumors about A-Rod, or at least the suspicion that will hang over him:

“I think it will follow him,” Jones said of Rodriguez before the game. “There’s going to be the questions because his name’s been brought up. If I had to pose a guess on A-Rod, I would say no. But I don’t know. He’s going to have to answer the questions.

“And that goes for everybody that approaches the number. It’s just so farfetched, the numbers that those guys are putting up.”

Lordy, I think I may be done on this topic for a while, unless George Mitchell does something worth noting with the colossal waste of money that the sport is calling a steroid investigation. Everyone’s fucking suspect. Why print another piece on it at all? Can we at least wait until A-Rod gets within striking distance of Barry, or maybe until we get a grand jury or something? Fuck, send Pedro Gomez to the Bronx already, and tell him to get used to it.

As for me, regular season kickoff in the NFL can’t come soon enough.



2 Responses

  1. I agree with you 100%….I’m sick of this steroid shit in baseball and even this michael vick crap….

    Just give some good football already!!!

  2. I mean, can we wait to jump on A-Rod if he’s the focus of a grand jury probe, or hell, why not wait until Canseco publishes this damn book he’s talking about?


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