Hometown Boy’s Going to Camp. Good for Him.

Fox Sports is reporting that Brady Quinn’s inked a deal to end his holdout, and that he’s already on the way to the Browns’ camp. With that in mind, what’s the realistic guess that he’ll actually be starting this season for Cleveland? Let’s account for these factors:

  • Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson are both lousy.
  • Those eight days or so that Quinn lost are not good, in terms of learning the system and meshing with teammates.
  • This is probably the make or break year for coach Romeo Crennel, and his ass is gone if the Browns don’t show some sort of improvement at all.
  • Fan and management pressure will be on to get Quinn into the starter’s job if either Frye or Anderson manage to slack in the first few games.

Quinn didn’t win jack shit in college (0-4 against USC, lost to Ohio State and LSU in consecutive bowl games), but then again, has anyone actually heard of the college accomplishments of Frye or Anderson? Frye’s Akron years garnered him passing records and conference MVPs, but it is the Mid-American Conference. Anderson is an Oregon State product who has the arm (threw for 4,000 yards in one season and had over 10,000 for the career), but nothing notable there. Frye and Anderson have the advantage of knowing the playbook and NFL experience, and Crennel does need to get off to a good start this year, and quick.  If Quinn does start this year, it’ll be in the Jay Cutler Method — the Browns will have to be crap, and Crennel will wait until after the bye during Week 6.


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