Words You Don’t Want Forming In Your Head.

“My team’s #1 pick suffered an injury in training camp.”

Both the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News are all over #1 pick and Broncos DE Jarvis Moss twisting a knee in practice today. Usually, these sorts of injuries, if it turns out to be that minor, are not things that really impede on the regular season in terms of games played. The problem is with regard to what Moss was drafted for: to actually establish a pass rush in Denver for the first time and years, and Jim Bates (D-coordinator) will be relying on Moss’ speed to help put pressure on the QB — all the talk during the draft, at least among the Horsehead faithful, was that Moss had the potential to be that speed rusher on the outside, our own Jevon Kearse, in his younger days. Kearse’s nagging injuries have slowed him down, and I only hope that this doesn’t do the same for Moss, whom I have to admit that I enjoyed watching last season in various Florida Gator games.

(Photo: AP/Jack Dempsey)


2 Responses

  1. Words I don’t want to hear with him being my 5th round rookie pick in an IDP Dynasty league.

  2. Yikes. This is why I’m glad I don’t do leagues that draft D-players — it’s hard enough keeping up with O-side injuries.

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