Trading Doesn’t End After July 31st.

Through a sneaky little item penned by Buster Olney at the old Four Letter, note that both the O’s and the A’s put two names on waivers that would arouse some interest: Miguel Tejada and Mike Piazza. Now, Tejada did not go unclaimed — the O’s either didn’t want to or couldn’t work out a deal with the White Sox, and pulled Miguel back. However, Piazza has cleared (and that’s not terribly surprising), and now it may be a question of where Billy Beane wants to ship him off to — Rob Bowen and Kurt Suzuki are handling catching duties, and Jack Cust’s emergence has made Piazza particularly expendable (getting hurt while sliding into third hurt Mike badly).

Olney mentions the Angels and the Twins as teams that spoke with the A’s prior to the deadline, and both teams could definitely use any form of extra big bat. Problem is, the rotation between the Angels OF corps of Vlad Guerrero, Reggie Willits, Gary Matthews Jr., and Garret Anderson ensures one of those four gets in the line-up on a normal day by DHing. Minnesota is a slightly more fitting destination, although I can’t see Piazza as the chip that helps them get to the playoffs — they need a lot more against Detroit and Cleveland than that.

(Photo: AP/Kevin P. Casey)


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