Cheap Shots #53: Linemen Don’t Exactly Have Coeds Fawning Over Them, Right?

First, yours truly was interviewed, this time by Dave at Blown Coverage. Now, to the links:

  • Notre Dame defensive end gets busted for propositioning an undercover cop for sex. Some booster needed to step in here or something. [Wizard of Odds]
  • Note to Arte Moreno: a piece about the rat infestation at Angel Stadium may be a bit of payback for the whole Los Angeles of Anaheim chicanery. Hell, would anyone be surprised if Mayor Kurt Pringle had them planted? [Sports by Brooks]
  • The big names in baseball history that took occasional turns on the mound. [One More Dying Quail]
  • Wrestling announcers, rehearsing. [Nyjer Please]
  • Marco saw A-Rod hit #500 in person. [Just Call Me Juice]
  • The patchwork mess (and that’s putting it kindly) that is the Mets bullpen. How Billy Wagner even gets the ball in save situations without Pedro Feliciano is beyond me. [And Here Come The Pretzels!]
  • Calling out Michael Strahan. [Strike Zones and End Zones]
  • Stiles talks with a Browns beat writer on the AFC North. [Stiles Points]
  • Questionable follicular decisions by some NFL players. [The Big Picture]
  • Dice-K may be the Derek Lowe replacement in Boston? Interesting comparison. [Winning the Turnover Battle]
  • Brady Quinn, please remember that you’ve never won the big game when it mattered, and get your ass into camp. [Seal Clubbers]

And finally, via FreeDarko, this clip has to be the YouTube of the week:


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