July 31st Isn’t As Exciting As It Used To Be.

In that photo above is the most talked about player for a trade deadline deal, Texas 1B Mark Teixeira, and all the usual suspects have been banded about regarding the acquisition of his services before August 1st. Teams I have heard bandied about for his services include the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, and any competitor that could use a power bat in the 1B or DH slot. This was always the case, but got even more hot after Mark Buerhle got an extension from the White Sox, effectively killing any chance of dealing him.

The problem with dealing for Teixeira, or any other good name player, is that it’s too costly. Teams have figured to ask for the moon in return, prospect-wise, for that big name in a contract year, and not only are more teams in the hunt for the playoffs these days, not enough of them are convinced that it’s worth mortgaging the future for the quick fix. That goes double if the top bat on the market doesn’t play a position you need filled. The Left Coast teams need 3B help, and maybe Troy Glaus can be plucked from the Blue Jays, but I suspect those in need of a SS or 3B might be more interested in waiting for the A-Rod sweepstakes come the off-season.

So, I suspect MLB will see another year of small, lower-level trades to shore up areas that need help, much like the Yanks did in order to nab Jose Molina, whom despite not hitting much, still does so at a more frequent clip than Wil Nieves. Bullpen help will be at a premium, looking for solid-set up guys or attempts to pry Eric Gagne away from the Rangers, but the trades that send guys like Carlos Beltran to Houston for a playoff run won’t be happening this year. No GM wants to be the guy who traded away the future star pitcher or dynamite outfielder from the AAA club who’s just a shot away from impact on the big time in order to lay claim to what could be a two-or-three month rental.

(Photo: AP/Tony Gutierrez)


3 Responses

  1. This is going to be a relatively quiet deadline, IMO. The big names traded will be few and far between, and most of them will probably be salary dumps, or those that teams know they can’t re-sign as a FA.
    Depending on how the next seven games go(vs. the Cubs and Brewers), the Cardinals could be looking trade some of the big contracts, like Isringhausen(they have Percival), Rolen, Encarnacion, and could also be looking for a patsy team to take Anthony Reyes off their hands.

  2. Bruce, good luck to the Cardinals if they’re looking to sell Reyes to anyone.

  3. Yeah, I’m just hoping for at least one big deal this deadline.

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