Cheap Shots #47: It Took Sports Media This Long To Notice?

  1. Someone in the national media has just realized what we already know: Joe Morgan is terrible. [Awful Announcing]
  2. Beckham alone won’t be enough for soccer in the U.S. [The Fan’s Attic]
  3. L.A. sports bloggers congregate, and no one looks pasty or unfit. Still pissed I had to miss this.* [Larry Brown Sports]
  4. A double dose of Larry, as he brings up the possibility that President Bush is pushing for a Barry Bonds indictment. Remind me who was the Rangers’ owner when Canseco and Juan Gone were on the team? [AOL FanHouse]
  5. Despite Michael Vick’s troubles, the NFL won’t have to worry about the image problems the NBA has been labeled with. [Sports Media Watch]
  6. Don tackles his native Aussies taking on the Japanese in the Asian Cup with a highly detailed live-blog. [With Malice]
  7. If you gave up a grand slam to the worst hitter in baseball, like Yanks pitcher Edwan Ramirez did to Dioner Navarro, you’d be crying too. [The Feed]
  8. Channeling Chris Carpenter’s MCL, Fight Club-style. [Doberman on the Diamond]
  9. I hate Crocs with a passion. Something about the neon-colored nightmares screams “I don’t want to be around this person for very long.” Now, there will be Crocs with baseball team logos on them. [Deuce of Davenport]
  10. And just because I’m a Broncos fan, I have to note with glee that a Raider’s been suspended for roiding. (Yes, I’m aware a Horsehead got suspended earlier this month.)  [Steroid Nation]

*I’m planning on being in L.A. from August 5th-12th, on vacation — that is, if the boss approves my request. Still waiting.


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